Discover Scotland from a birds eye view.

Our PDG helicopter tours provide you with a comfortable ride in the air. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, Scotland is a wonder to see from above.

You can play the Old Course at St Andrews in the morning and pop over to Skye, visiting The Three Chimneys for lunch in the afternoon. Finish your day off with the finest of dining experiences at one Tom Kitchins restaurants, all made possible with your own helicopter charter.

We know Scotland like the back of our hand, so if you’d like to get the most out of your trip, talk to us today and let us guide you.

Stay in some of the coolest privately owned houses & castles dotted around the countryside of Scotland, best travelled to by air saving you valuable time & avoiding the tourist traffic.

We only work with the most professional aviation companies who have exemplary safety records, we take our clients safety very seriously whether by land or air.

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