Get your gears racing and your adrenaline pumping.

We all know that Scotland is home to a diverse culture, stunning architecture and steeped in history. But what you may not be aware of is the amazing choice of extreme outdoor activities available, all set within our picturesque landscape. Every year we get tourists from all over travelling to our country for our mountain biking trails, plethora of lochs and dominating mountain landscapes.

Our professional and qualified guides are on hand to show you the ropes and get your heart racing. Each tour can be catered to a mixed level of ability and all equipment supplied so that all you need to do is enjoy. Don’t worry if English isn’t your first language, we can arrange a guide that speaks your language.

Finish your day with a hearty meal at any restaurant of your choice or even a home cooked meal from our celebrity chef, Tony Singh.

Mountain biking

From the country that introduced Danny MacAskill into the world, Scotland is home to some of the most extreme mountain bike trails and freestyle parks around. As with all of our requirements, we will only provide you with the very best guide and equipment. Escape the concrete confines of the city with an action packed downhill bonanza.

Hill running

Experience the Scottish countryside at a faster pace with hill running. Whether you’re an establish trail runner or aspiring jogger, you’ll love the picturesque setting that Scotland has to offer. Get your blood pumping and join nature by escaping into the woods or pounding up a mountain. Our guides will keep you motivated and take you places like Glen Coe, Aberfoyle and into the Highlands.

Country pursuits

Experience Scotland’s wildlife & nature from luxury Scottish estates, with a choice of Salmon and trout fishing, range shooting, clay pigeon shooting or stalking, bumpy land rover 4×4 experience and so much more.

Find out more about our {country pursuits here}.

Water sports

Scotland is not famously known for its water sports, yet is home to tonnes of adrenaline packed aqua fun. Scour the extreme coastline from a choice of a great kiteboarding hotspots. Paddle your way through some choppy white water rapids in a kayak. Skim across hundreds of lochs on the back of a speedboat strapped to a wakeboard. We can arrange an action packed adventure of your choice with your own dedicated guide.


Grapple with your nerves as we climb up mountain faces or challenge your brain with some tricky bouldering. There are many options for budding climbers to nervous beginners, from challenging outdoor climbs in the Cairngorms to indoor bouldering lessons – we can match a climbing experience and instructor to your experience.

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